Holy Ghost Morning Missions

Living-Miracle_LogoDESTINY SAVERS FOUNDATION is the mission’s arm of Holy Ghost Morning. Destiny Savers Foundation has the vision of alleviating poverty in third world countries and curbing crime and social vices to the barest minimum.

We also reach out the poor, destitute and people suffering from all forms of human degradation in our society with the mission of preserving destinies everywhere.

In Matthew 6:3, 6, 16, Jesus said “when you give alms…” “When you pray…” and “when you fast”. This shows that He wants Christians to consistently participate in these activities as part of their faith. Jesus used the word “when”, not “if”, showing it is not optional for a Christian to do these three things. God wants His sons to be involved in ministering to the poor.

This stirred up a strong passion in the heart of Rev.  Dubus towards alms giving-which can be translated into social and humanitarian services in the modern context.

Since then, Destiny Savers Foundation has reached out to several people in the City, visiting motherless people’s home with gifts items and have taken care of the medical bills of many others.

Recently, Destiny Savers Foundation SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME, a project dear to the heart of God’s servant, Rev.  Dubus, sent many of our kids back to SCHOOL in both the primary and secondary levels. These kids had dropped out of school because of lack of school fees. It was all smiles on their faces as Destiny Savers Foundation took them back to school.

The vision to save the destinies of men is huge, but together we can the strike the mark. As you give to save the destiny of a poor child and a hopeless youth, you are saving the tomorrow of our future leaders, inventors, writers, doctors, engineers and so much more.

“Your seed of today can save the tomorrow of another”.

To be a Destiny saver or make a one-time donation, please CLICK HERE

We want say a big thank you all our partners who are making the vision of “preserving destinies everywhere” work. You have touched the heart of God. Proverbs 19:17 (TLB) says, “When you give to the poor, you are lending to the Lord and He pays wonderful interest on your loan”.

We love you!