Testomonies from Holy Ghost Morning Partners

During one of our HOLY GHOST MORNING services, I prayed to God for the healing of my daughter who was born deaf and dumb. I am a HOLY GHOST MORNING PARTNER so I stood on the grounds that I am a Partner and demanded for my daughter's healing.
While Pastor was still preaching, the power of God fell on my daughter aand she began to scream with her hands on her ears.The sound that entered her ears as God opened them was more than she could bear. To the amazement of all in the service, Chinyere, my daughter both spoke and heard. Mrs. PATIENCE PETERS

In september 2008 HOLY GHOST MORNING, Rev DUBUS called for a battlr seed of $100 and I responded. Meanwhile my dad was dying in a dospital in Tel Aviv, Israel while undergoing a surgery. In his own account, he said he had given up hope of surviving after investing $200,000. Then suddenly (this happened at the same time I was sowing the seed as I got to find out later) a "hot fire" entered his body and went directly to where the tumor was and burnt it off. Instantly, he was miraculously healed of cancer of the rectum. The fire of God also exposed other places in his body where the tumor had spread to without it being detected by C.T scanning machine. Praise God.OBINNA AGUOCHA

My father was diagnosed of prostrate of enlargement. The Doctor said the only option was that he would be operated on or be on medication for the rest of his life.
I went to God in prayers and reminded him that my my brother and I are partners in HOLY GHOST MORNING. We partner to get others healed, why should our Dad be sick? After the prayers, we told our Dad to go for another test, he did and the result came out negative to the amazement of the Doctor. My Dad is perfectly healed. Praise God.


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